What Have I Done?

Meant quite literally.

Trying to figure out the appropriate topic to touch on in your first blog post is like trying to decide what gift to give the person that already has everything and claims not to want anything, so of course you’re forced to give them something anyway. I’ve never really had this problem but I imagine it’s quite annoying nonetheless.

(It’s almost as bad as trying to come up with that example I just gave that only took me 30 minutes to think of.)

I’ve been obsessing over and digressing from doing this (‘this‘ = blogging) for quite some time; mostly due to fear of ridicule and rejection, but also because when I’m passionate about something it tends to be a fleeting moment. By fleeting I mean I vent to the person within the closest vicinity to me and that tends to satiate my desires of blogging for the time being.

However, turning 25 this year has caused me to experience one of those milestone moments of “Shit, I’m old and have nothing to show for it”. So here I am. Unassuming and atypical. Trying to rock the boat without tipping it over. If I intend to impart anything from this experience it’s that ideas and inner voices are more universal than we’d all like to admit. I only hope that there are people out there, in a world that I’m close to losing faith in, who share my views while at the same time are willing challenge them in order to obtain a better understanding of what “it” all means.

I won’t bog you down with trying to appeal to your emotions too much because lets face it, who doesn’t like a good ignorance-ridden blog/comment section debate?? Am I right??  I know I do.

Oh by the way, I’m Michelle, (hence Shelly, hence ShellyBeans, hence JarOfShellyBeans). I’m as open-minded as they get so close-mindedness, while it can be argued a relative concept, is one of the most unattractive qualities I’ve found in people. So please let me know of your close-mindedness so I can sink my claws into you whilst giving you a hug at the same time =).

I don’t plan on labeling this blog about anything in particular but hopefully you can tell by now that it’s not going to be about the latest football stats or who won Dancing with Stars, however in light of my big milestone I won’t cross that bridge until it comes.

I hope someone besides my boyfriend and my mom read this before 2014 comes a knockin’. So until that time comes when someone finally does stumble across this, I’ll be sitting on the floor feverishly hoping and praying that venting and ranting aren’t only limited to most tv anchors, some journalists and a lot, if not most, political commentators (especially on FoxNews) AH HA! Any takers???

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